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Turning your mobile app ideas into reality!

New ideas always start out the same way. They begin with a sketch on a whiteboard or a spark from a alcohol-induced rant about the future. Then when it comes time to actually build the idea, the first attempt usually involves a how-to book and a lot of crying.

That's when it's time to bring in the specialists!

We specialize in bringing your ideas to fruition. We thrive on watching ideas mold a business and raise the bar of user interaction.

It's OK to accept that Plan A failed, you gave it your best shot. But for the amount of time you wasted on plan A, planB could have already done it twice!

Like all great ideas, planB was created out of necessity. A need to push mobile applications beyond watered-down versions of a website. We are boundary pushers by nature and are here to help you understand how a next-generation app can revitalize your business. Our imagination is shadowed only by our ability to deliver quality apps, on time and on budget.

Having experience working with multi-million dollar global clients we understand the pressures of high visibility apps and appreciate the intricacies of complex business processes.


Our time tested process has been fire tested to deliver your projects on time and on budget.


Like any great product, the software must align with your business goals. The more we understand about your business and its goals, the better we can recommend features and customize your apps to perfectly meet your needs.

But of course, you will always have the final say on what YOUR app does.


Once we have an idea of what you're looking for, our dedicated team of designers will create wireframes and/or mock-ups of your ideal solution. You can feel free to tweak, change and update the designs as you see fit.

Need a new logo too? Yeah, we've got those...aisle 5!


Once you sign off on the designs, the development will begin. This is when the coding monkeys put their headphones on and earn their bananas. Building the most efficient and well-documented code that you will never want to see.

We can provide nightly builds and real-time project management tracking so that you can see the progress that is being made.


Along with the ability to view the app in every kind of layout configuration imagineable, we also carry an extensive line-up of the newest physical devices to perform real-world testing. We know, it's a rough life having to play test with the latest and greatest gadgets on the market, but we do it for you!


Once all of the testing is completed and you are happy with your application, you have a couple of options to get the app live. Either we can publish it for you under our license or you we can give you the code and you can submit the app yourself. Regardless, you will have the ability to make sure the app listing is exactly the way you want it and we will help you every step of the way to ensure you get the most downloads possible.


Depending on the complexity of your app, we will provide you with a warranty period between 15 to 30 days. During this time, we will gladly fix any in-scope issues that might have fallen through the cracks for FREE. We'll let you know if an issue is in or out of scope and you can decide when you would like the issue resolved.


Once your app goes live we will provide you with numerous analytics tools to track what your users like and don't like. This is where the fun really begins! Your users will ask for things that you never thought of. If you decide that those suggestions align with your business goals then we will be happy to make those changes for you. If you feel there are several small changes you might be interested in obtaining one of our reatiner contracts. This guarantees that we will be able to address your issues as soon as possible. Or if you would prefer to take care of several of the issues in one large batch, then we can start a next phase project.


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Our clients range from pre-startups to world-leading enterprises. Whether the project was a new solution to on an existing problem or a society-changing application, our team will care for your project as if it were our own.

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